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HouseLens MarketPlace Platform

After 2 ½ years with Tour Buzz we are happy to announce we are switching over to the HouseLens MarketPlace platform for non HouseLens photographers. We have been looking for this type of platform for years and our excited to make the move.

With professional photography and the power of video marketing we can help realtors land more listings and connect with more Realtors in the Northern Virginia area. The new platform is sleek, modern, offers more features than Tour Buzz and will take marketing of our Realtors listings to a higher level. It’s truly the perfect fit for our team.

“Through the process of completing tens of thousands of shoots, we’ve built strong relationships with both real estate agents and photographers all over the country,” says HouseLens Founder & CEO Andrew Crefeld. “We’re drawing on that experience to make this a platform where agents and photographers can truly connect, particularly as agents expand their marketing to include newer media such as 3D.”

Our new profile is set-up and is scheduled to be live on Feb. 20. Stay tuned to our social media pages for a link to our HouseLens Portfolio page.

Showing a home’s personality and possibilities can open the eyes of potential buyers and drives them to make that an offer. If you are looking for a Real Estate Photographer in Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, or Northern Virginia, give the team at Cindy James Photography a call.

For more information on HouseLens MarketPlace, visit

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