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Instagram Pods

You just spent what seems like an eternity to craft another Instagram post. You captured the perfect photo, found an amazing filter, used witty hashtags (a lot of them), only to get a handful of likes and a few comments. The disappointment sets in.

If you’re starting to think what’s the point of taking the time to post your business on Instagram only to get a handful of likes or you are having trouble gaining followers, let me introduce you to Instagram Pods. This new concept is used by millions of business Instagram users to spark engagement, support niche businesses and help beat the dreaded Instagram algorithm.

Instagram Pods are a group of people (a pod) who react to people in their pod to help their business post get more organic reach and grow followers. The only people who will know you are in a pod are your other pod members. Everyone else thinks you know your stuff when it comes to social media as they watch you succeed and your page continue to grow.

Instagram, like its parent company Facebook, believes the posts people want to see in their newsfeed aren’t necessarily those that are the newest. They’re those that matter, those with the most comments and likes. With this concept in mind, the newest Instagram algorithm shows users content that people are reacting to (likes & comments), those that don’t have many reactions are left in the dust, scrambling to figure out a new marketing strategy and often heard saying “social media is too time consuming and doesn’t work for my business”.

Instagram Pods are easy to use, help increase your social media reach, only takes a few minutes out of your day and the best part is they are FREE!

Steps to starting an Instagram Pod:

  1. Ask a group of colleagues to join your pod (see sample below).

  2. Turn on notifications for the Instagram pages in your pod.

  3. When you receive notifications a page from your Instagram Pod has made a post, make a quick comment and double tap the post to like it.

  4. Watch your reach and followers grow.

Feel free to copy & paste this in your group message:

“To help each other grow our businesses, I have created this Instagram pod so that we can stay connected and help each other succeed.

If you are wondering how a pod works, it’s simple: Turn on notifications for everyone in this pod. After posting to Instagram, followers will be notified a page they follow is updated. This way you can choose to view the new content before it gets lost in the feed and ‘like’ or double tap the picture and leave a comment on the latest post of those in our pod. If you want to make sure we don’t miss a post, send the members in the group a message you have made a post so they don’t forget to comment. By becoming a member of this pod we can all increase our reach and help beat the Instagram latest algorithm

Message me with questions.”

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