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Our benefit to you is that we analyze your listing to show the "best" angles and "best" qualities your home offers. Since being a REALTOR, we understand what you need done in order to get your home SOLD.  We take the time to ensure that nothing is in the photo that should not be.

All residential photo packages include a floor plan. 


Having worked in new home sales for 8 years, we understand that the internet shoppers are wanting to view a "model" like condition home in the photos.  Understanding that most homes are not in "model" condition, with the use of our stager, they can assist you in having your home be at the 'best" showing condition it can be.


With homes on larger property, in communities, located close to downtowns or shopping center, we will take extra photos of those features to ensure you have the photos that best represent the location of your listing for a small fee.


Home Prep info Sheet.

Cynthia James Photography LLC
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