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Zillow Video Walkthrough

You’re hip, you’re cool, you may even use snapchat. But are you using Zillow’s video walkthrough for your listings? Today’s real estate marketing is changing and professional photography and videos, including video walkthroughs, are where it’s at.

Video walkthroughs are soundless videos that are shot directly from you mobile phone with Zillow’s App. The videos allow an agent (or home seller) to take up to a two-minute video to show the homes key features and show what a picture can’t.

What’s the difference?

If you’re using video walkthrough for your listings, potential buyers searching on Zillow see a listing with a video that is the main photo, similar to the image below.

If you are not using Zillow’s video walkthrough, your clients listing on Zillow looks something like the image below with a photo as the main picture and a square box in the middle that says: “Is this your home?” with a box to “Learn more”.

Why would a Realtor use this app?

  • You do not have to be a Zillow Premier Agent to utilize this tool.

  • It’s FREE!

  • Your video is also on Truila since it's also part of Zillow.

  • Video walkthrough listings have three times more views than listing with just photos.

  • Makes your listing stand out from your competitors.

  • Buyers want more. They want to see videos too.

  • Most importantly, it places your listing on the top since it has the Zillow app video done by either the agent or your real estate photographer.

  • It’s a win/win for everyone!

Getting started with video walkthroughs:

You don’t want to make potential buyers motion sick when shooting your video so it will take some practice to make a smooth video. If you are not comfortable with taking video or find it’s just too shaky on your phone, hire a Zillow Certified Photography to take them for you.

If you’re comfortable taking the video, we recommend starting the video with 3 seconds of the front of the house (remember, this will be your main photo on Zillow, so you want to show a picture of the outside of the house). Next, go inside and pan the main rooms of the house. Don’t power-walk through the house at lightening fast speed to try and show the whole house in less than two minutes. Relax, take your time. Go into a room and slowly pan, pause, then go to the next room, pan, pause, and continue to repeat. Since you only have two short minutes, we recommend focusing on the main rooms of the house; don’t worry about hallways and bathrooms. Showcase what will bring potential buyer to your listing. Always end your video with the back of the house.

Once the video is finalized and uploaded, homebuyers will see the listing as you did in the first photo above with the video as the main photo that they may click and play. If you add your walkthrough video after the listing is live, those who have the listing in their saved searches will receive a notification of the video.

If the home seller makes the video, the listing agent must approve the video before it’s available for viewing.


  • Purchase a wide-angle lens for your cell phone for these videos.

  • If you find lighting to be an issue, the new iPhone 7 is rumored to help with lightening or hire a Real Estate Photographer who is Zillow certified to take them for you.

Get the app:

To download the app visit the app store or click here.

When you open the Zillow app for the first time, a quick step-by-step tutorial will pop up that tells agents how to shoot and upload the video to their listing. It’s that easy.

Zillow Certified Photographer:

If the word app is a foreign language to you or you prefer to do what you do best, sell houses (not take videos); contact a Zillow Certified Photographer to help you. The team at Cynthia James Photography is Zillow Certified Photographers and we are here to help make your images and video stand out.

Need a refresher course?

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