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Just Photos Please for Real Estate Listings

Cynthia James Photography Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography

Photos pricing is based on photographed square footage of your Real Estate listing including the lower level if we are photographing that area.  
We will include on smaller homes 30-35 photos and on larger estate anywhere from 40-50 photos.  We understand that larger estate have more space to photograph and we will take all the spaces that a buyer would want to view. Included are fire in your fireplace, home photo on the TV screens and computer monitors, and sky replacements on all exterior photos and one front and one back Bonus Twilight as our Standard Features. 

Starting at $275.00 for Professional Photography For Real Estate Listing 

 We use a process of off camera flash along with ambient lighting to get your listing photos the professional look you need. Our photos are all professionally edited. Dedicated Website with your photos both branded & MRIS compliant version via @ARYEO Platform. 

                                            Under 1,000' -  $275.00
                                             1,001 - 2000' - $325.00

                                             2,001 - 3,000' -  $350.00
                                             3,001 - 4,000' - $395.00
                                             4,001 - 5,000' - $475.00

                                             5,001 - 6,000' - $575.00
                                             6,001  - 8,000' - $675.00
                                             8,001 - 10,000' - $825.00
                                           10,001 - 13,000' - $1200.00

 *****     Over 13,001 - please contact us.
Next Morning Delivery of Photos!
Additional Services: 

We are now also offering Instagram Reels for $150.00
Community Features Photographs Add on - $175.00
Coming Soon Exterior Package - $250 Bonus Twilights included 
Detail photos of your listing for social media - $150 

Photos and ourVideo Tours

Drone  Aerial Video

ALL PRICING FOR iGUIDE - Please click on this link:

Photos and a highlights video tour will include 30-35 Fusion Edited photos along with a walking video tour and a basic floor plan. You will received on Branded, and Unbranded of your video and the Unbranded will be loaded into @ARYEO. 
Professional Package starting at  $575.00
Photos delivered and video by the next morning.
Under 2,000' - $575.00
2,001 - 3,000' - $625.00
3,001 - 4,000' - $675.00

4,001 - 5,001' - $750.00
5,001 - 6,001'  - $850.00
6,001 - 8,000' - $950.00
8,001 - 10,000 - $1500.00

Over 10,001' - please contact us.

We are fully registered as Commercial with the FAA for our Drone 
 Mavic Pro 2 

Aerial Photography Only
5 Acres or less - $250
5-20 Acres - $350
20-100 Acres - $450
100 Plus Acres - $550

Aerial Photography and Video 

5 Acres or less - $350
5-20 Acres - $450
20-100 Acres - $550
100 Plus Acres - $650

Includes 10-15 edited aerial images and  video clips added 
to your video or a separate Drone Only video. Subject properties must be outside the 15 mile FAA no fly zone around Reagan National Airport.

Other Offerings

CubiCasa Plain Floor Plans Virtually Staged Walking Video Tour and 3D Floor Plan Packages 


Zillow 3D

Please use our booking APP for pricing those services. 


Virtual Staging  
Now offering Virtual Staging for those homes that are vacant and need a little vision in order to get them seen on line.  Timeframe on these images is 24-48 hours from when the photo shoot takes place.

We will deliver these images in a separate catalog for you.

Rates start at:  $50 each virtually staged photo done.


Payment is due in full at time photos are taken. We accept either check or credit card. We also invoice via @ARYEO
Photo Rights and Usage:
The photographer reserves the right to use photos for future marketing purposes.

All photos produced for the client may be used by that Agent/Homeowner for all marketing
associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules.  Please note that the photos will be copyrighted by the photographer.  A license to lease the photos will be granted only to the Agent/Homeowner and their MLS and NOT any other party.  Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to: other real estate agents, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by Cindy James

Cynthia James Photography Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography


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