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We are Hiring! Real Estate Photographers - videographers and FAA Drone Pilots! 


What we are looking for?

We are seeking a videographer, real estate photographers and FAA Drone Piltos to expand our teams schedule in  all areas of the Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg area, Culpepper out to King George and the City of Richmond Area. This is a 1099 (Non-Employee) position with options for full time or part time work, however we are most interested in working with individuals who are would like to work 15-25 hours per week. The Videographer will use their own camera on our Ronin M to video homes listed for sale by our real estate agent customers.


What we expect!

  • Photograph, video or drone  anywhere from 1 to 3 properties per day.

  • Deliver consistently excellent video clips and real estate photos to our company standards. 

  • Upload to  for our video clips for our video editors.


Please read - you MUST have these skills and type of equipment!

  • Very good photography skills and applied photographic knowledge.

  • Must know how to use Manual setting for both photos and video.

  • Professional equipment: full frame DSLR (Nikon or Canon preferred), 14-25 mm lens. Sony also OK with wide angle len.

  • Computer with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

  • High speed Internet connection - FAST!

  • Dependable vehicle to drive from property to property.

  • Professional appearance, personable with the clients and on time as possible with our area traffic.


  • You are paid a percentage of the price  of the work you do for the clients. 


You Can Expect from our Team

  • A flexible schedule, including weekdays and sometimes Saturdays, the choice is yours!

  • Land's End Company Polo Shirts.

  • Company training on photography, video and drones.

  • Never at the same location.

  • All the marketing and support you need to get more business as we grow.

This is an great opportunity to gain video experience, learn from a proven process, enhance your photography skills, learn new equipment and have the freedom work when you want to work.

Please Use the "CONTACT" tab on our website to send us your contact info and a brief description of your photography or video or drone skills. Please look at our pricing on our website that we offer to our clients - that will give you a good idea as to our rates that your percentage will be based from.

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