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Booking App on Apple Store and Google Play search Cynthia James Photography

Dear Clients - 

I have great news to share with you. Our smartphone mobile app is now available on

both the Apple and Android networks for you to download and start using. These

instructions will help you;


Android/Google Play

• On your SmartPhone open the Android/Google Play market

• Search for our name

• Press install

• Your app will start installing instantly

• Or click on this link to download:



How to Install Our App On Apple Devices

• Click on this link to download:

• On the bottom toolbar of your device, click on the Share (Add) Button

• Click Add to Home Screen Button

• Open to Download

• It will commence downloading immediately


If you encounter trouble, follow these steps;

• Shut down the app and or your phone to refresh the phones memory

• Uninstall your app and reinstall it




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